Social Networking Sites: The Modern Word-of-Mouth Publicity

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Published: 26th November 2010
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Socializing has evolved into a higher level. With the abundance of social networking sites, many people are now spending long hours on the Internet. This is because the Internetís primary purpose is to create communication between people all over the world. It has served as a platform of socialization for online communities sharing common interests.

Social networks, or what people call as the modern word-of-mouth publicity, have different structures depending on the services they offer. Along with different structures are numerous benefits for their users. Meeting new people is just one of the benefits social networking sites can give. With different services, people can represent themselves through profiles, as well as share their information or ideas through their own pages. Because social networking sites work globally, people can communicate with their friends on the other side of the globe.

Some people do not know that there are other useful functions of social networks aside from providing communication. Social networking sites have been the subject of many scholar researches in various academic fields. Many scholars investigate on the impact of social networks in the behavior of its users and in the growth of the society. Many entrepreneurs, however, use social networking sites as a marketing strategy. Many businesses put up social network accounts to acquire feedback from their consumers.

Social networking sites are effective marketing tools because they provide features that can be used for research and promotion. Forums and blogs are one of the services that can be used to utilize market research and gather relevant information for product development. Many web developers now offer social network development services for companies venturing on social networking sites. This allows businesses to promote their products and services in a cheaper cost.

Social networking sites can also be customized, allowing users to express themselves using their websites. Many companies outsource social network design services that can provide customized web designs for their websites. It is important for a company to have its own identity in the Internet, as the World Wide Webís vast expansion is accessible to everyone.

Social network development and design are one of the many services that can help people utilize the use of their resources. Whether for the purpose of connecting to people or getting the message across, the modern word-of-mouth publicity has surely become one of the best ways to share information.

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